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Description and Application

AMPCO-CORE® 250 is an aluminum bronze flux core wire for use with the Gas Metal Arc Welding process.

AMPCO-CORE® 250 is primarily an overlay filler metal. The characteristics of this filler metal make the deposit adaptable for use in those extreme bearing applications where very high pressures are encountered operating against hardened steel surfaces.

AMPCO-CORE® 250 often use for overlaying in applications where it unusual wear-resistant qualities increase service life of wearing parts.

Typical Applications

Friction plates, bearings, sliders, high speed bearings, etc.

Product availability and packaging

AMPCO-CORE® 250 is available from stock in two diameters: 0.045” (1.2mm) and 0,062” (1.6mm). Both sizes are available in 12″ (300mm) spools weighing 33lb (15 kg) each. Other diameters are available upon request.


Welding position and deposits

The flat welding position is recommended. Backhand (trailing) welding is preferred rather than forehand (pushing) to make either stringer or weaved beads..


Shielding gas

100% Argon


Operating conditions

Current typeGas flow rateIntensity [A]Voltage [V]Stick-out [inch (mm)]
DC+ (DCEP)25 – 46 cfh (12-22 L/min)0.045″ (1.2 mm) 200-300
0.062″ (1.6 mm) 360-400
All diameters 28-30All diameters 5/8-1″ (15-25)



Limiting Chemical Composition

% (filler metal)


* including silver

Mechanical Properties

(Nominal all-weld metal values)

BHN (3000 kg)
Three layer deposit on mild steel
*Hardness will vary depending on quality of the weld and experience and knowhow of the welder.
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AMPCO-CORE® 250 Technical Data Sheet