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Description and Application

AMPCO-TRODE® 150 aluminum bronze spooled wire and bare filler rod produce a deposit of high strength and good ductility with a nominal hardness of 166 Brinell as applied with the inert-gas processes.

AMPCO-TRODE® 150 is recommended for welding AMPCO® 18 alloy. It is ideal for piston overlay applications and bearing surfaces requiring high strength and good ductility.


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Typical Applications

Hydraulic pistons Bearing overlays Impellers
Turbine runners Press rams Cable sheaves
Mill slippers Valve seats and parts Breaker blocks
Ceiling machine mandrels Steel mill rolls Welding AMPCO® 18


Limiting Chemical Composition
% (filler metal)
Copper* Balance
Aluminum 10.0 – 11.50
Iron 2.0 – 4.50
Silicon 0.10 max.
Others 0.50 max.
* including silver
Mechanical Properties
(Nominal all-weld metal values)
Tensile Strength ksi 90 (621 MPa)
Yield Strength ksi 40 (276 MPa)
Elongation % in 2″ (51 mm) 20
Reduction of Area % BHN (3000kg.) 22
Hardness (HBW 10/3000) on 1/4″ (6.4mm) deposit 166


AWS A5.7 Class ER CuAl-A3
*Hardness will vary depending on quality of the weld and experience and knowhow of the welder.

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