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Description and Application

AMPCO-TRODE® 940 is an alloy developed to provide an effective alternative to beryllium copper. One of its principal applications is for molds and mold components in the plastics industry. Because of its excellent thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, AMPCO-TRODE® 940 filler metal is specified for the repair of complex AMPCOLOY® 940 molds used in forming plastic parts.

AMPCO-TRODE® 940 is applied with the gas tungsten-arc welding processes.


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Typical Applications

Mold cores and pins Repair of blow molds Injection molds


Limiting Chemical Composition
% (filler metal)
Copper* Balance
Nickel 2.0 – 3.0
Silicon 0.4 – 0.8
Chromium 0.10 – 0.60
Others 0.50 max.
*including silver
*Hardness will vary depending on quality of the weld and experience and knowhow of the welder.

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AMPCO-TRODE® 940 Technical Data Sheet